Music Classes

Concert Bands

Homestead's concert bands are consistently recognized as among the best in the region, earning numerous "unanimous superior" ratings at CMEA festival. All four band classes meet the district, CSU, and UC requirements for Fine Arts.

All 9th grade students enroll in Concert Band. This group performs at school concerts and at the annual CMEA Band Festival.

10th - 12th grade students audition into Wind Ensemble 1, Wind Ensemble 2, or Symphonic Band. Symphonic Band generally consists of sophomore and junior students and performs school concerts and at the CMEA band festival.

Wind Ensemble 1 and 2 are the most advanced ensembles at Homestead, and require a student audition. These two groups have been invited to perform at prestigious festivals at locations throughout the world, including Australia and Europe, in addition to performing at school concerts and the CMEA Band Festival.

Wind Ensemble

The Musikverein, Vienna, Austria

Symphony Orchestra

Carnegie Hall, New York, NY


There are two different Orchestra Classes offered at Homestead. All two orchestra classes meet the the district, CSU, and UC requirements for Fine Arts.

Orchestra is open to any student with at least one year of experience on violin, viola, cello or bass. This group performs at school concerts and local festivals as well as taking a yearly trip.

Chamber Orchestra enrollment is by audition only. Auditions take place in the Spring of the previous school year. Chamber Orchestra plays advanced orchestra literature. Chamber Orchestra performs at school concerts and local festivals as well as taking a yearly trip.

Symphony Orchestra is an extracurricular ensemble composed of Orchestra musicians and select wind/percussionists. Enrollment for wind students by audition only. Symphony orchestra performs at school concerts, local festivals, as well as trips such as traveling to New York, NY to perform in Carnegie Hall in 2019.


Homestead’s vocal music program is open to all students, regardless of musical experience. We offer three year-long classes to accommodate the different ability levels of our students. All choir classes meet the district, CSU, and UC Fine Arts requirement. The choirs perform at school and community events, as well as at festivals and exchange concerts.

B- Choir is open to all students in all grades and is designed for all students to succeed. In this choir, students learn music fundamentals and progresses towards singing in tune and expanding vocal range. They sing at school concerts only.

Advanced Treble Choir and A-Choir are for singers who have the ability to match pitch over an octave range and seek a more sophisticated choral experience. Individually, each student works towards improving their vocal production and musical literacy; collectively, they work to shape fine choral music. The Advanced Treble Choir is for girls in 9th and 10th grade. A-Choir, the concert choir, is designed for 11th - 12th grade girls, select 10th grade girls who have completed a year of Advanced Treble Choir, and qualifying boys of all grades. Registration for either choir requires an audition.

The Small Mixed Vocal Ensemble is by audition only for Juniors and Seniors who have sung at least one year in A-Choir. In addition to performing classical choral literature, this class also performs vocal jazz repertoire. This is a highly selective group that requires an extensive audition. Contact Dr. Morton for the audition materials and to set up an audition.

Jazz Ensemble

Enrollment in Jazz Ensemble is by audition only. Concurrent enrollment in another music class at Homestead is expected. Auditions take place in the Spring of the previous school year. The ensemble performs music in a variety of jazz styles and has an emphasis on improvisational techniques. This course meets the district, CSU, and UC requirements for Fine Arts.

Music Genesis & AP Music Theory

Music Genesis is taught on Mac computers in a computer lab. Students get hands-on experience creating music with software and internet resources. This class is designed for students with an interest in music but little or no previous formal musical training. Students learn about music fundamentals, popular music, Jazz music, World music and European “Classical” music. This class meets the district, CSU, and UC Fine Arts requirement and is open to all students, grades 9-12.

Advanced Placement Music Theory is a first-year college music theory course. This class is for students with serious interest in music and a good amount of musical experience. Suggested for Juniors and Seniors, its curriculum is designed to develop a student’s ear training, music analysis, and composition skills. Music Theory prepares students for the AP test.

Extra-Curricular Programs

Marching Band & Color Guard

The award-winning Homestead Marching Band is a fun way to experience the joy of music, make new friends and learn the value of hard work. Each season (August to November), the Marching Band and Color Guard travel all over California to perform in marching band competitions. In addition, the band represents the Mustangs at all home football games. Students in grades 10-12 receive PE credit for being members of the Marching Band.

Unlike many of the other distinguished high school bands around the country, the Marching Band program is open to ALL music students without audition. Any student can join the band which consists of approximately 200 musicians and performers. Each year band members learn and perform an entirely new show created by professionals who design the music, choreography, costumes and props.

The Marching Band has made two appearances at Bands of America Grand Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2010, the band was one of only 10 high schools bands selected nationwide to perform in the 2011 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. On New Years Day 2018, the band performed at the 129th Tournament of Roses Parade. In addition, the band has performed at the 2016 Super Bowl Experience and numerous performances in Disneyland Park.

Marching Band

Western Band Association Championships, Fresno, CA

Winter Percussion

WGI World Championships, Dayton, Ohio

Winter Percussion

Homestead's Winter Percussion team is a nationally recognized competitive drumming ensemble that incorporates drill movements similar to marching band and uses both marching and concert percussion instruments to perform in a gymnasium. In essence, it is a percussion-only marching unit, with a blend of theatrical elements.

It is an opportunity for percussionists to perform up-close to the audience, allowing more expression through emotion. The season runs December to April. Students grades 10-12 recieve PE credit for particpating.

Homestead's percussion ensemble was the CCGC 2010 Scholastic World Division Champion, and placed 15th, 7th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and 8th in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019 respectively at WGI world championships in Dayton, Ohio.

Winter Guard

When the Fall Marching Band season ends in mid-November, members may begin training for the Winter Guard season. 10-12th grade students who particpate earn 5 PE credits for this activity and all practices are held outside school hours. Auditions are held for the Winter Guard. Winter Guard has 2 teams, JV and Varisty.

Winter Guard practices start around the last week of November and last throughout the season with two weeknight rehearsals a week and Saturdays. Winter Guard competitions are held indoors, in high school gyms, on Saturdays and occasional Sundays from January through April.

JV Guard

James Logan Invitational